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Redistricting Committee prepares for 2020 Census
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Warren County Election Commission administrator Susie Davenport stresses the importance of redistricting and how it affects the Election Commission.

The county’s Redistricting Committee met Thursday evening to establish its responsibilities and discuss important dates in regards to the upcoming 2020 Census. 

Warren County Election Commission administrator Susie Davenport shared these dates with the commissioners.

April 1, 2020 – The census begins

Dec. 2020  - The geographic data is released 

March 2021 - The population data gets released

July 1, 2021 - Local redistricting kickoff

Dec. 31, 2021 - Deadline to have redistricting completed

Davenport explained the role of the Redistricting Committee and how it affects the Election Commission and community.

“Whatever this committee does, affects what I do because this committee will adjust district lines to divide our county population area into a reasonable distribution amongst our 12 districts,” described Davenport.

Asked Commissioner Randy England, “In the past, has that been changed?” 

Answered Davenport, “There’s always been some changes. Sometimes it’s very minute. We’ve had quite a bit of growth in the western area of the county this time than any time in the last couple of censuses, so I’m fairly certain we will have to do some changes in that area.”

There has also been some growth in the northern part of Warren County in the Rock Island area as well. 

According to Davenport, Warren County is broken up into census blocks, generally small areas, which are divided geographically. For example, if there’s a river or major highway, that’s typically used as a boundary line.

“Once those are created, you shuffle blocks along the edges of your districts to get an equitable population distribution,” said Davenport. “We’ll take the data and just change things here and there. The full commission approves it and then it comes back to my office and we start changing voting precincts.”

The county’s Redistricting Committee won’t meet again until January 2021.