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Reckless father given six months probation
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A man who ran from the law with a child in his arms in the freezing cold has been granted probation.

The defendant, Gary Lee Lankford, 44, entered a guilty plea before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to the charge of reckless endangerment and was issued a six-month probationary sentence. His sentence will be in addition to any time he gets for violation of probation. It was that violation of probation warrant that led to the incident late last year.

“I saw a man running from the residence with a child in his arms,” deputy Brystol Davis reported, noting he recognized him as the man he was looking for and yelled for him to stop. “He did stop at the fence with the child in his hand.”

The deputy then gave the child to its mother. Davis noticed the child was not dressed to be out in such frigid weather.

“The child did not have on a coat or shoes when he had run with the child in 14-degree weather,” the deputy revealed, adding there were snow flurries at the time.