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Ray Hixson announces run for County Executive
Ray Hixson color

My name is William Raymond Hixson, but all my friends and family call me Ray, therefore on the ballot for County Executive, I will be listed as Ray Hixson.

Born here in Warren County 53 years ago, I spent quite a few years in Indiana and Florida but have returned to establish extremely deep roots back here at home. I graduated from Valencia College with a 3.92 GPA in Small Business Management and have retired from running multi-million dollar a year recycling centers in Central Florida.

Currently, we have a successful retail store called Treasure Chest on Fairgrounds Road that just celebrated six years and going strong. We have invested heavily within the area in commercial and residential real estate. This gives us a great reason to make sure we take care to do what is best for the county.

We have rental properties and we also buy dilapidated houses, remodel them and sell them. This is known as “flipping” houses. We really enjoy flipping houses, because it significantly alters neighborhoods by taking an eyesore that has often been vacant and neglected for many years lowering property values and morale of the entire neighborhood. We make them like new again. These massive undertakings bring so much positivity to the area and motivate surrounding homeowners to freshen and repair their houses as well.

I am a conservative family man. I have been with my wife, Anna, since high school. We have two wonderful sons, Chris and Alex. Chris is a successful attorney in the Tampa, Fla., area. He and his wife, Shelly, have blessed us with two adorable grandchildren. Alex is also married to his wife Ashleigh and will be graduating with his bachelor’s degree in psychology and business in May. I have a large family here in McMinnville including my amazing grandmother Louise Hixson, aunts Joyce and Gail and many cousins.

I am a proud member of the McMinnville Noon Exchange Club, which is a group that advocates for Americanism, child safety and veteran awareness.

I like flashy things as much as anybody, but I know to keep a healthy balance between wants and needs and I will carry this over into making sure Warren County gets what it needs without blowing our budget. We really need to do things right the first time without wasting funds patching things just to avoid inevitable rebuilding or replacing shortly after.

I think we should run our government like running a business and I am a successful businessman that knows how to run a great business. I want our county to grow, but slowly with the support of its constituents by adding tech jobs in our schools and bringing more advanced training to our county like the new robotics center being built for Motlow. This will bring higher paying careers to us.

I am not a politician, just an honest, hard-working and dedicated citizen of Warren County and would really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to serve you. Remember to vote Ray Hixson for County Executive on Aug. 2.