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Raven Young Reappointment to Historic Zoning Commission
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The reappointment of Raven Young to the Historic Zoning Commission was discussed at the McMinnville Board Meeting Tuesday night. 

Young’s term ended February of this year but to fill that position a person has to have certain qualifications such as being a member of a historic preservation group. Young’s role with Main Street McMinnville meets that qualification. It was pointed out that other members of that board would also be eligible. 

Rachel Kirby put her vote of confidence in Young’s passion and ability to continue administration of the Historic Zoning Commission. Kirby said, “She’s very good to have on there. She’s level-headed, knowledgeable and passionate.” Kirby motioned to reappoint Young, Sally Brock seconded and the board unanimously approved the motion. 

Young was named the new president of Main Street McMinnville Summer of 2021 and has long been involved in discourse related to historic preservation and downtown revitalization.


 “Being on the Historic Zoning Commission is an honor and I am thankful to be allowed the opportunity to continue to serve,” Young responded regarding her thoughts on reappointment. “Our downtown has so much incredible history and I enjoy being a small part in preserving the historical integrity. I appreciate all of the HZC individuals who devote their time to help preserve our Historic Downtown.”


 “We don’t have the means or the capability to hash out how we’re going to appoint different people,” said Mayor Ryle Chastain as he articulated concerns about the process of garnering candidates for various board positions. The immediate solution was to reappoint those involved pending their continued interest for simplicity’s sake. Mayor Chastain noted that he was “totally open to some sort of process whereby we gauge public interest or receive public interest in these positions.”


 In addition to the Historic Zoning Commission, several other positions need to be reappointed: Zoning Appeal Board, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment Appeals, the 911 Board, Main Street McMinnville, Public Utility Board, Alcoholic Beverage Board, Housing Authority Tax Equalization Board, the Railroad Authority, Solid Waste Planning Board, Tourism and Development Board.