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Public Works requests $1M for paving
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McMinnville Public Works Department is requesting $1 million for the upcoming fiscal year to continue street paving.

The department was given $750,000 for paving during fiscal year 2017-18 and has proposed an increase of $250,000 for fiscal year 2018-19.

“There are four major items within this year’s budget,” said Public Works assistant director Brad Hennessee “One is a front-load garbage truck for Sanitation which is $270,000, additional paving that’s $250,000 over last year’s budget, a supervisor truck for Public Works in the amount of $30,000 estimated, and a supervisor truck for Landscape Management in the amount of $30,000.”

Members of the city Streets and Sanitation Committee met to review the proposed budget.

“We’re going up to $1 million on paving?” asked Alderman Steve Harvey.

Alderman Mike Neal added, “Anthony is tearing the roads up so bad we have to do something.”

The joke, which brought laughter, was made because McMinnville Water and Sewer Department director Anthony Pelham has upped efforts to improve the city’s water and sewer system.

However, that endeavor occasionally requires ripping through city streets.

Public Works has five divisions under its oversight: 1) Vehicle Maintenance; 2) Animal Control; 3) Urban Landscape Management; 4) Street Aid; 5) Sanitation (solid waste collection and disposal).

Despite what appears to be a huge increase requested, Hennessee says the overall budget is less than $10,000 more than it was last year.

“All things considered, the total for the five budgets – other than the section our department doesn’t necessarily control – the overall budget for the five divisions is $9,725 more than it was last year.”

What the department cannot control is a 2.3 percent increase in salaries for all city employees that was approved by the city Finance Committee to be built into all departmental budgets.

Proposed budget requests for 2018-19: General fund is $3.3 million and includes the $1 million for street paving; Vehicle Maintenance is $331,330; Animal Control is $109,005; Urban Landscape Management is $267,920; Street Aid, which is state funded, is $537,520; Sanitation, an enterprise fund, is $1.5 million. 

The department’s budget was unanimously approved by members of the city Streets and Sanitation Committee.

It will be sent to the city Finance Committee for consideration.