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Public Works needs truck
Frank Southard2.jpg
Frank Southard - photo by Lisa Hobbs

McMinnville Public Works Department has been hindered in its collection of junk as it waits for a replacement truck.

“Right now our guys are using a garbage truck and picking up items by hand,” said McMinnville Public Works director Frank Southard to members of the city Streets and Sanitation Committee. “It’s been that way for the last month and a half. We need to purchase a knuckle boom truck.”

Presented were two quotes for buying and/ or leasing a knuckle boom truck, which is essentially a crane that is designed to lift items from the ground and place them into the back of the truck. 

A Freightliner quote puts the total purchase price at $139,250, or the department could lease it.

“A lease would be for 24 months at a cost of $76,920,” said Southard. “We have the option to buy the truck after the lease. That cost is $75,276, after the lease. The total lease and purchase amount is $152,196.”

To buy the Freightliner outright has a cost savings of $12,946.

An International quote puts the total purchase price at $156,287. A 24-month lease and purchase amount is $165,656. To buy outright has a cost savings of $9,369.

“I would prefer to go with the International, if we go with a lease,” said Southard. “With the Freightliner we have now, we are having issues with the wiring harness. They don’t make them anymore. That’s why I want to get away from Freightliner.”

Southard also suggested a straight-out purchase over leasing one.

“We do maintenance and everything,” said Southard. “There’s really no benefit to leasing because we handle maintenance. I suggest buying on the state bid.”

The Freightliner and the International each have a delivery estimate of 90 days. 

A state bid is a contract open to all local government entities. Because the item has already been bid by the state, it removes the time-consuming effort in bidding out the purchase which could tack several weeks onto the delivery.

Funds for the purchase would come from the department’s existing budget, which has $165,000 designated for a new truck.

Streets and Sanitation Committee members approved purchase of the Kenworth, if Southard determines it meets the department’s needs. Also approved was up to $2,000 to cover the cost of delivery.

McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen approval is needed. The measure will be sent for consideration.