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Public Works looking to buy three acres of land
Shown is the location of the three acres.

McMinnville Public Works Department is looking to purchase three acres of land adjacent to its current property on Belmont Drive for $45,000.
According to city administrator Bill Brock, Public Works assistant director Brad Hennessee has made inquiries over the years about purchasing the land and it was never for sale – until now.
“We have tried for years and years to buy some land on Belmont Drive because we’re landlocked out there,” said Brock. “I don’t feel like we’re going to get any smaller. Brad has tried for years. The guy is now interested in selling it. We’ve always wanted about three acres.”
The information was presented to Streets and Sanitation Committee members Ryle Chastain, chair, Jimmy Bonner and Steve Harvey on Tuesday night.
Chastain asked, “What are you looking at putting there?”
“Right now, nothing,” said Brock. “It would be for protection and for future expansion. The railroad is behind us, a business beside us, and a street in front of us. We’re landlocked, except for this property. The lot next to us we are looking at is flat as a pancake. There are no trees, no ditches.”
Preparing for the possibility the property might someday be placed on the market, the department had reserved $80,000 in its budget for several years for the purchase. With the city’s Belmont Drive property being slightly less and three acres, the additional three acres would more than double the size of the city’s property.
There is one catch. Brock says the owner has liens against the property.
“He does have liens against the property. If his creditors will release the property, then he will sell it at that price.”
Committee members unanimously approved the purchase, contingent upon the property being released by the property owner’s creditors. The measure will be sent to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for its approval.