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Prom Shop shines
prom shop- tia medley with dress.jpg
Tia Medley, WCHS sophomore English teacher and organizer of the Prom Shop, displays one of her favorite dresses available to girls needing a gorgeous gown for the upcoming high school prom April 27. - photo by Atlanta Northcutt

Prom night is a special time for high school students across the country. 

Young girls want to feel beautiful and envision themselves looking like they stepped out of a magazine. For those girls who have looked forward to this special night, each one deserves to have her wishes come true.

The Prom Shop at Warren County High School helps make the prom an exceptional evening of celebration by providing stunning dresses, shoes and accessories to girls who may need assistance. The shop is on its second official year.

Designated days from 3 to 5 p.m. are allotted for high-schoolers to peruse the dresses and accessories. Organizer Tia Medley also makes the shop available during her planning period from 8 to 9 a.m. for students who are interested in coming during school hours. Staff members are available to help students choose the best dress. 

“Every girl wants to feel special and beautiful on their prom night. We started the Prom Shop because we want every girl to have that opportunity,” said Medley. 

The Prom Shop is located behind the stage curtain in the WCHS auditorium. Dresses are donated after being worn once or twice, and some are brand new, having been given to the shop by Kathy’s of McMinnville. Each dress is in excellent condition and consistent with the current style of prom dresses.

There are close to 300 dresses in a variety of sizes and styles available from short and simple, separate pieces, flowy and light dresses, cascading ball gowns, bejeweled and sequin-covered fabrics and tight bodices with long mermaid style skirts. Solid colors and vibrant patterns hang among the racks which are sorted from sizes 00 to 22.

Many community members and students bring their used prom dresses, shoes, jewelry and even make-up to the high school for the Prom Shop. These donations are vital when it comes to giving the girls a stunning prom grown. 

“The community has been our biggest supporter. Without their donations, we wouldn’t be able to do this,” says Medley. “Both the staff and students are truly caring and always willing to give to help others as well.”