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Powerful never liked freedom of press
MTSU dean says officials want to avoid scrutiny
Former USA Today editor-in-chief Ken Paulson, left, chats with Don Collette following a Rotary Club meeting.
Who was the first United States president who didn’t seek another term because of ugly press coverage?That was a question former USA Today editor-in-chief Ken Paulson asked members of the Rotary Club of McMinnville on Thursday.“The answer is George Washington,” said Paulson, who indicated Washington cited “notorious scribblers” as a main reason he didn’t seek reelection.“The truth is the press is reporting very aggressively about President Trump, the same way it did with Washington,” said Paulson. “When this country was founded, citizens demanded a free press that would aggressively ask questions and make sure those in power did not abuse their authority. They have to be held accountable.”Paulson, who is now a dean at MTSU’s College of Media and Mass Communication, says Trump’s persistent attacks against the media are nothing new.