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Power cut by slithery visitor
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A snake that slithered into a switch at the Great Falls substation cut power to nearly 3,900 customers Tuesday morning.“It’s something you just don’t expect,” said Danny Sutton of Caney Fork Electric Cooperative of the call of a blackout in the Rock Island area around 1:30 a.m.As the calls started to flood in, crews were dispatched to the Great Falls substation to try to determine what cut power. They were able to trace the problem in short order.“They found a snake on top of the switch,” Sutton said, noting the serpent had been fried by the surge of electricity. The snake was removed and power was restored by 2:20 a.m., less than an hour after it went out.“Over the years things like snakes, birds and other small animals have been able to make their way into areas and cause disruptions of service,” Sutton said, noting totally preventing such freak outages is next to impossible.