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Pool pay increasing, but admission to stay same
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It appears wages for McMinnville Gilley Pool staff may go up, but a stay has been placed on passing that increase onto pool users.

“To keep competitive, I think we are going to have to raise wages in order to keep lifeguards and to keep the pool open,” said Alderman Rachel Kirby during a city Parks and Recreation Committee to discuss a proposal by city director Justin Scott to improve wages and fund it with admission and concession increases.

Proposed was an hourly pay increase from $9.50 to $11 for head guards, $8.50 to $10 for lifeguards, $7.50 to $9 for concession workers, $9 to $11 for concession supervisor, and $8.25 to $9 for front desk attendant.

Kirby continued, “Where I got hung up is do you increase admission? At first I said, everyone else is charging $7 or $8 for admission and we are charged $4 and $5. If we should go up, let’s go up. Then, I went home and watched the news and went, ‘Let’s not go up.’ Everything is too expensive. Gas is too high. We’ve been shut down for two years. Let’s let everyone go swimming.”

Daily admission will be $5 for adults, $4 for youth, and $4 for seniors. 

Suggested by Alderman Zach Sutton was approval for proposed wage increases with consideration given to daily admission increases later in the budget-setting process.

Alderman Steve Harvey stated, “I haven’t spoken to either one of you about this, but I was going to suggest the same thing – that we give the wage increase, but not change admission prices. The pool will still make a profit, but not as much.”

Committee members did suggest that seasonal passes revert to their original pricing. Individual seasonal passes were lowered to $75 and family seasonal passes to $210 due to the pandemic changing pool hours. Those will return to being $85 and $225.

No committee determination was made on a proposal to increase several concession items, including the cost of hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers and bottled water.

“The concession prices were not determined so they are the same currently,” said Scott. 

McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen consideration and approval is required for salary increases.