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Police offer Vacation Watch Program
If youre heading out of town, McMinnville Police Department has a Vacation Watch Program to increase patrols in your neighborhood in hopes of preventing a burglary.
While crime fighting is an essential role of law enforcement, it’s not the only role McMinnville police officers play.The city department utilizes community policing to foster relationships and build connections with residents, according to McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton.“I’ve never rescued a cat from a tree, but I’ve unclogged an elderly lady’s toilet at 2 a.m.,” said Denton, who began his law enforcement career 35 years ago in August 1981. “We’re asked to do things now we never initially intended to do.”Among the additional services offered by the Police Department is a Vacation Watch Program for homeowners. The program offers an added sense of security when you go out of town, Denton says.If you notify the Police Department, officers will routinely check your home to assure it is secure and has not been burglarized.