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Police Department locked up
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McMinnville Police Department has been located at Red Road Business Park since November 2009.

Office hours at McMinnville Police Department have been handcuffed.

The Police Department has been closed to visitors in a move that took effect Thursday. The decision will not impact police protection.

“Unfortunately, the police business is still good,” said Police Chief Bryan Denton.

Denton says the office typically has 75 to 100 visitors on a normal day with foot traffic greatly increased on days where there’s city court or driving school. Denton says there has been a slight decrease in visitors since the court system has been closed this week, but that police headquarters still stays busy.

“People still have citations and they’re still looking to pick up police reports,” said Denton. “We are continuing to serve our citizens through alternative means.”

For police service such as picking up reports, paying citations, or other administrative matters, call 473-3808 and you will be given directions. Records requests can also be emailed to

Municipal Court information and requests can be obtained at A drop box is available just inside the Police Department front entrance. For matters requiring a police officer, call 668-7000. For emergencies always call 911.