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Police Department continues to attain excellence
PD accreditation continues.jpg
McMinnville Police Department has been awarded re-accreditation from the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police. Pictured, from left, are McMinnville Police Detective Stuart Whitman, Cookeville Police Chief Randy Evans, McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton and McMinnville Mayor Ben Newman.

McMinnville Police Department continues to set the bar when it comes to standards of excellence. It received a fourth accreditation from the state.

Cookeville Police Chief Randy Evans, who is the immediate past president of the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police, outlined the significance of that achievement to McMinnville’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen. 

“The men and women of that department, and certainly the leadership, understand the effort that goes into that endeavor to meet the 160 standards,” said Evans. “If you’ve never been associated with the accreditation process, you need to take a peek at what these folks have to do to maintain accreditation.”

The Tennessee Law Enforcement Accreditation Program was created under the direction of the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police. The program was launched in 2009 and sets down 160 policies and directives for professional law enforcement. In order to be accredited and maintain accreditation, the department has to provide proof that it meets all those standards and that the policies are being followed.

“It’s pretty remarkable this is the department’s fourth award,” said Evans. “In my personal experience, it’s usually easy to get accreditation but it’s much, much tougher to maintain it for as long as they have.”

McMinnville’s department was the first in the state to receive accreditation. After an on-site inspection and interviews were conducted, accessors from the state provided a glowing recommendation to the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police for approving the department’s re-accreditation. 

“The ongoing effort put forth to continually review and improve comprehensive policies and procedures reflects well upon the commitment of Chief Bryan Denton and the work of accreditation manager Stuart Whitman in general,” said Evans. “The knowledge and sense of teamwork displayed by key department members during the interviews during the onsite assessment shows a positive sense of responsibility, ownership and the depth of agency commitment to the benefits of accreditation. Therefore, the accessors can recommend the McMinnville Police Department’s continue recognition as an accredited agency without hesitation.”

Denton accepted the honor to a standing ovation from Board of Mayor and Aldermen members and visitors in attendance.