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Plenty of meat in Bologna Day
McMinnville Alderman Kate Alsbrook, left, speaks with local resident Dana Mullican during Bologna Day on Wednesday in Nashville. They were two of many Warren countians to attend the annual event on Capitol Hill where constituents are invited to meet their elected officials and have a bologna sandwich catered by Praters BBQ.
The perfect storm hit Capitol Hill on Wednesday when Bologna Day and a key debate over the governor’s gasoline tax increase resulted in halls teeming with special-interest groups and people interested in eating a cold-cut sandwich.“Everybody loves to come by and get a piece of bologna or bologna sandwich,” said Phyllis Prater of Prater’s BBQ which caters the annual event. “They think they’re at a good, ole country store again.”Longtime state Rep. I.V. Hillis first started what came to be known as Bologna Day back in the late 1970s. It was back then when Hillis, along with friend Raleigh Raper, bought some bologna and cheese and decided to have lunch at Fraley’s on Main Street McMinnville.