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Plant specialist James passes away
Renowned plant specialist Bryson James, PhD, passed away Saturday.

Renowned plant specialist Bryson James, PhD, passed away Saturday following an extended illness. He was 86.
Mr. James was well-known throughout the nursery industry, especially for his volunteer work with the Southern Nursery Association where he directed the organization’s annual research conference for 37 years. His knowledge of plants, chemicals, fertilizer, and best growing practices was trusted by many nurserymen in Warren County and beyond.
“I know he helped me and he helped hundreds of other nurserymen throughout the Southeast,” said Terry Hines of Hale and Hines Nursery. “He was a good troubleshooter and really a good friend to the nursery industry. As far as plants and grasses and things like that, he knew his stuff. I know he did some work for Augusta National, which tells you his reputation within the field.”
Hines said Mr. James received every award there was to receive within the Southern Nursery Association and even had an award named in his honor. Hines said his crop research was extremely valuable and he provided this information free as a volunteer for the SNA.
Mr. James would help nurseries and other plant-based businesses on a consultant basis. He would enjoy soaking up information at all-day seminars and then passing that information along to the grower.
“He wasn’t a nurseryman, but he sure helped a lot of nurserymen,” said Michael Hobbs of Warren County Nursery. “He helped nurserymen figure out how they could be better. He knew a lot about insecticides, herbicides, fertilizer and chemicals, things most nurserymen don’t have the time to keep up with. He was a great resource.”
Mr. James was a veteran of the United State Air Force who had held positions with the University of North Carolina and the University of Florida.
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