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Plans for indoor lap pool shown
Indoor pool sketch for INSIDE.jpg
Pictured is a sketch of where an indoor lap pool would be placed in relation to McMinnville Civic Center, bottom, and Gilley Pool, top, as provided by Griggs & Maloney.

Preliminary plans for an indoor lap pool were presented to city officials on Friday and estimates place the project at more than $5 million. 

Griggs & Maloney Engineering was hired by the city of McMinnville to produce an architectural rendering and concept floor plan for building the pool. As presented, it will have a 6,400-square-foot lap pool (25 meters by 25 yards) with 10 lanes, a one-meter diving board, a five-foot deep therapeutic pool, lockers, a wet party room, concessions, office, storage space, and a lobby.

“You kind of have a couple different options when you build an indoor aquatics center like this and recreation is not the focus of this,” said Ryan Maloney of Griggs & Maloney. “Although it could be an included component, it’s more competition, swim laps and a wellness program. It’s not to say that a four-foot deep area of the pool could be sectioned off during certain times to have a pool party. There aren’t any recreational amenities like a water slide or a drop slide or things like that which you’d find in pools like you have outside.” 

The proposed facility is approximately 21,500 square feet, a half-acre, and would be constructed on the grassy area between the Civic Center and Gilley Pool. 

Neither the lap pool nor the therapeutic pool have a zero-entry area.

“The therapy pool would have a ramp into it,” said Maloney. “When you are outside and you have the luxury of big spaces, you can have a zero entry. Zero entry would require an 8.33 percent ramp, that’s ADA. We have some room here. We can evaluate it and look at it as this process evolves.” 

Alderman Kate Alsbrook questioned the lack of recreational opportunities with this design.

“Is everybody thinking about a competition and therapy pool, or are we thinking more of a recreation pool with slides, sprayers and kid-oriented things or are we just thinking about competition?” she asked.

Alderman Rachel Kirby stated, “In my mind, it was more the competition stuff.”

“I haven’t heard a lot of talk about having recreational-type stuff in there for a long, long time,” said Alderman Steve Harvey. “It seems like everything we’ve talked about for the last few years was this. Not to say that we could not include it, but there hasn’t been much discussion about it.” 

Maloney said he constructed the design with input from Paige Northcutt and McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department director Scott McCord.

McCord said, “I haven’t heard anybody say they need a diving board year-round.”

Maloney recommended the indoor pool not be attached to the Civic Center. Along with an outdoor entrance from the parking lot, the indoor pool could be accessed from the Civic Center through an enclosed walkway.

The actual indoor lap pool cost is unknown. However, Griggs & Maloney used the cost of other aquatic facilities and estimated the cost per square foot at more than $5 million and up to $7.5 million. Actual cost will be unknown until city officials decide on a design and go out for bids.

“So, realistically, we could be looking at the same amount of numbers as doing the Civic Center renovation,” said Alderman Ryle Chastain, of the $9.2 million cost renovation and expansion for the Civic Center. 

Maloney stated, “If the cost is $315 per square foot, the cost could put you up to that. I think a more realistic cost would be $250 per square foot and that would put you in the $5.3 million range. This is the Cadillac plan. We can look at scaling back to cut the cost somewhat.”

Alderman Everett Brock asked where the $2 million proposal went that was given to the city by developer Bobby Kirby and swim enthusiast Paige Northcutt just a few years ago.

Maloney said he would begin the process to whittle down the plans, to which Brock stated, “We better get to the end point pretty quickly.” 

The presentation was information only. Maloney will return with a less expensive indoor facility.