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Pit bulls on 'killing spree'
Barrett says dogs killed her pet cat
Pit Bulls on Killing Spree 1.jpg

A Fair Street woman says her cat was the victim of two pit bulls on a rampage Wednesday morning.

“They literally shredded my cat right in my front yard and there was nothing we could do,” said Cathy Barrett. “These dogs were loose and they were on a killing spree.”

Barrett received a phone call from one of her neighbors alerting her that two pit bulls were attacking her cat. She rushed outside to find the dogs had already killed her cat, Thunder. The two were in pursuit of another one of her cats who was able to find safety in a hollow log.

Barrett said the dogs crossed Fair Street and climbed on the porch of a neighbor who chased them off his property. The dogs then crossed back over the street and attempted to kill a mother cat and her kitten. Barrett said the mother cat was able to escape with injuries but the kitten was killed on the spot.

The incident occurred around 10 a.m. Wednesday. Barrett said the police were already actively looking for the dogs after receiving three phone complaints before the dogs killed her cat.

“I’d had that cat for 10 years. He was a rescue and I’d started out feeding him from a bottle. His eyes weren’t even open when I took him in,” Barrett said. “Thunder was a member of our family and these dogs running loose just murdered him.”

Barrett said police at the scene contacted city Animal Control.

“Animal Control told my neighbor there was nothing he could do since it was just a cat. If it had been a human who was attacked, the dogs could’ve been taken and held,” said Barrett. “Thunder was not just a cat to me. I loved him very much.”

Animal Control officer David Denton said the decision whether to impound dogs is handled on a case-by-case basis.

“The owner of the dogs had been out looking for the dogs since 6 a.m.,” said Denton. “The dogs were very friendly. I called them and they came right to me.”

Barrett said the owner of the dogs lives on Lance Street, not far from Fair Street.

“Those dogs are back at that home right now but who knows for how long,” said Barrett. “How long before they get loose and start killing pets again?”

“This is at least the third time these dogs have been at large in the last eight months and at least three cats are dead because of it,” said Barrett. “Why wouldn’t they take these dogs from them and let the judge decide what to do with the dogs at the owner’s court date?”

“I’m not even mad at the dogs,” said Barrett. “Dogs are going to do what dogs do, but it’s the owner’s responsibility to control their dogs.”