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Phillips charged with striking man
William Michael Phillips is charged with aggravated assault.
A man who allowed his ex-girlfriend’s sons to stay at his house was reportedly rewarded for his hospitality by being struck on the head with a baseball bat by one of them.The victim suffered a gash to his head and a possible broken arm from the attack allegedly perpetrated by William Michael Phillips, 25, who is charged with aggravated assault, a crime that carries three to six years in prison.Officers responded to the victim’s house on Cedar Street and were told the two young men were being allowed to stay in the home under a stipulation.“They would be required to gain employment if they stayed there,” said McMinnville police detective Marty Cantrell, noting Phillips apparently didn’t take the agreement to heart. “On the morning of July 27, the victim discovered him still asleep on the couch and advised him he needed to get up and go looking for work.”Phillips reportedly didn’t take kindly to the victim’s admonishment and grabbed a baseball bat.“He struck the victim on top of the head two times, causing an open and bleeding wound,” the detective said. “He continued the assault by striking him on the wrist, possibly breaking it.”Police say Phillips fled the scene on a bicycle and was intercepted by officers a short time later.