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Pedestrian hit by car
Pedestrian struck1.jpg
A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle on East Colville Street. The officer referred to the attempt to cross the street as “bizarre.” - photo by Lisa Hobbs

A pedestrian escaped serious injury after a foolhardy attempt to cross East Colville Street was unsuccessful. 

“It was the most bizarre thing that I’ve ever seen, heard and had to work,” said McMinnville Police officer Mark Mara. 

Pedestrian and Warren County resident Dustin Herndon, 30, was attempting to cross East Colville Street in the area of Farmers Market, endeavoring to cross from East End Drive to Market Street. 

“[Herndon] stepped out into the street and just started crossing,” said Mara. “He walked right out in front of a 2005 Nissan Sentra heading eastbound. He was flailing his arms in an effort to get traffic to stop for him.”

The Sentra was driven by Trence Thaxton, 52, also of Warren County.

“Mr. Thaxton didn’t have a chance to stop. He tried. Luckily for Herndon, Thaxton was not a distracted driver. If he had been distracted, Herndon would have suffered more than minor injuries. He declined transport to Saint Thomas River Park Hospital.” 

A witness confirmed that the pedestrian stepped out into the roadway and was waving his arms and expecting traffic to stop.

The collision occurred Thursday at approximately 11:45 a.m. 

Traffic at that time was moderately heavy.