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Paving idea comes back to life at morgue
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Paving the Warren County Temporary Morgue is still an idea that’s alive and kicking after more than two years.
The issue was pulled from consideration in 2015 due to cost.
“Did we ever figure out what it would cost to black top that?” Commissioner Teddy Boyd asked EMS director Preston Denney during a Safety Committee meeting.
Denney said a firm estimate has not been determined.
The morgue was complete in July 2015. Paving was not included as a cost-saving measure. An estimate was obtained after, but the item was pulled from consideration.
“We had an estimate one time before, but I can’t remember how much it was going to cost to do it,” said Boyd. “Everything else was higher than what it was supposed to be and that’s why we didn’t get to do it.”
The facility is well used. According to Denney, there have been 30 bodies at the facility in the first seven months of 2017.
Some exterior work has already been done to improve the look. Trustees from Warren County Jail cleaned out flower beds and did other landscaping improvements.