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Park Theater to charge for-profit renters more
Gospel group The McAmeys performed at the Park Theater in November as part of their farewell tour. The rate to book the Park Theater has increased $200 for anyone holding a for-profit concert or event there.

Park Theater’s rental fee for private promoters holding concerts will cost more beginning March 1. 

The city’s Parks and Recreation Committee approved a $200 increase, bringing the charge to $750 for weekdays and $1,000 for weekends to non-local promoters who want to rent the theater and hold a for-profit event. That cost is based on an eight-hour rental. 

“I think this is a good idea,” said Alderman Kate Alsbrook. 

Park Theater manager Kevin Roberts suggested the increase due to the number of requests he has received from private promoters.

“We’ve gone from two concerts last year to seven already this year and two more are tentatively on the books,” said Roberts. “It’s an exceedingly good revenue avenue for them and that’s why I’m making a proposal to increase it. I think they’ll still pay it. It’s still a good deal for them. They’re making several thousand dollars, so $200 won’t be a big deal to them.” 

Alderman Steve Harvey asked if consideration has been made to increasing fees across the board, including the fee charged to nonprofit organizations.

“The nonprofit rates are really good,” said Harvey.

“We’ve talked about it,” said Roberts. “With some of the smaller groups, it would hit pretty hard. We can consider it. That’s up to your judgment. I’d hate to put too much burden on them. I’d rather go after the for-profit groups first.” 

Nonprofit organizations rental fee for eight hours: 

• Local nonprofit (tax exempt) organization - $550 weekends, $350 weekdays

• Other local organization (for profit) - $650 weekends, $450 weekdays

• Non-local organization - $800 weekends, $550 weekdays

The Park’s fee structure also allows for a four-hour rental, weekly rental, hourly rehearsal charge, and an hourly rate add-on fee. Those charges vary. 

“Not for profit is really low,” said Harvey. “The for-profit rental fee is about double. I’d hate to get too far apart.”

McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department director Scott McCord stated, “We’ll look at those, if you want us it.” 

Committee members Alsbrook, Harvey and Alderman Ryle Chastain approved the rental fee increase of $200 to for-profit promoters. The change will go into effect March 1. Concerts booked prior to that date will pay the lower rate.