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Park Theater board set to provide advice
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A Park Theater Advisory Board has been set.
McMinnville’s Board of Mayor and Alderman has approved the following people to be the inaugural members: Shannon Gullick, Joe Harvey, Bryan Kell, Sandra Haynes, and Tanarra Grissom.
An advisory group, the board will provide nonbinding, strategic advice regarding Park Theater and the events offered there. Board members will not have authority to vote on matters. They will provide suggestions only.
Members had a slight change early on as Christy Ross was replaced with Joe Harvey by Vice Mayor Ben Newman, who said he discussed the names with Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord and Park Theater manager Kevin Roberts.
“I talked with Scott and Kevin,” said Newman. “My motion was to put Joe Harvey in here and the reason for that is Christy is involved with musical acts and is dedicated to helping that. Joe Harvey, I think, has a little bit more experience. He’s been on the production side and he’s been an end-user of venues. He works with the school system, and I think he could get a lot of feedback from those people to. That’s what we are wanting – feedback. To get some help and direction for the Park Theater.”
Alderman Kate Alsbrook said she spoke to Ross and she’s OK with being removed from consideration.
Members will serve two years of staggered terms. 
Along with the five citizens appointed by city officials, the group will include a member of the city’s Parks and Recreation Committee and Park Theater manager Kevin Roberts will chair the group.