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Park Theater announces three shows
Park - Doug Stone.jpg
Doug Stone

McMinnville officials have accepted three future acts for Park Theater.

The city Parks and Recreation Committee met Tuesday and reviewed contracts with comedian Jeff Allen and singers David Nail and Doug Stone for February, March and May of 2022, respectively.

Allen is an American comedian best known for his film “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” He has been featured on “America’s Got Talent,” Netflix, Amazon and Dry Bar Comedy, among many others. Allen offers clean, hilarious humor.

McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord and Park Theater manager Kevin Roberts are proposing Allen for Feb. 25, and are recommending ticket prices of $30 for main floor and $25 for the balcony. 

“We feel Jeff Allen is one of the more recognizable names in comedy. Jeff lives in Franklin, Tenn., but in his next 65 shows only two are scheduled in Tennessee, which we believe will produce a major draw,” said McCord.

Nail is an American country music artist, and frontman of the band David Nail & The Well Ravens. In 2002, he debuted the single “Memphis” from an unreleased album for Mercury Records. Top 5 David Nail songs: “Kiss You Tonight,” “Whatever She’s Got,” “Red Light,” “Night’s on Fire,” and “Let it Rain.” 

McCord and Roberts are proposing Nail for March 25. Recommended ticket prices are $40 for main floor and $35 for balcony.

“David Nail is a country artist that is still touring and current. His No. 1 hit “Whatever She’s Got” has over 80 million views on YouTube,” said McCord.

Stone is an American country music singer and actor. He debuted in 1990 with the single “I’d Be Better Off,” the first release from his 1990 self-titled debut album for Epic Records. Other songs include “Too Busy Being in Love,” and “Come in Out of the Pain.” 

McCord and Roberts are proposing Stone for May 20, and ticket prices be set at $35 for the main floor and $30 for balcony. 

Alderman Everett Brock asked if the contracts allow the city to opt out if ticket sales lag.

“I’m not on this committee, but I’ve looked over these things and what we can make based on certain assumptions. I went through all three of them. Doug Stone, it will take selling 139 tickets to break even.”

Roberts replied, “Not if sales are lagging, but if we run into any COVID issues or anything that is a force majeure issue, we are allowed to reschedule.” 

McCord and Roberts sought committee acceptance for the contracts, but approval was not required. No action was taken.