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Park Theater advisory committee considers adding two members

Park Theater’s manager wants more advisors to provide input about events offered at the historic downtown facility. 

The city Parks and Recreation Committee will be considering a recommendation to increase the number of members on the Park Theater Advisory Committee from seven to nine. Bylaws established in 2017 limited members to the Park Theater manager as chair, a Parks and Recreation Committee member, and five citizens to be selected and appointed by the McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

“We have three members of the board leaving because it’s the end of their three-year terms,” said Park Theater manager Kevin Roberts. “We’d like to add five, which would bring us up to nine. We’d like to add one member to represent the Tourism Development Board and an additional citizen. We want more input and diversity on the board.”

Currently on the board are Tanarra Grissom, Shannon Gulick, Sandra Haynes, Joe Harvey, and Bryan Kell. 

“Tanarra, Shannon and Sandra are leaving us,” said Roberts. “Members serve staggered three-year terms. Their terms are expiring.”

Along with Tourism Development Board member Christy Ross, also under consideration to be Park Theater advisors are Emily Stefanick, Vicki Myers, Jonathan Jones and Ken Youngblood. Each of those individuals provided background on themselves and why they wish to be on the committee.

“I have a passion for both theater and downtown McMinnville,” said Stefanick. “The Park Theater is central, both geographically and culturally, to our dynamic (and rapidly growing) historic downtown. I want to be part of the collaborative effort to revitalize the Park and watch the amazing outcomes for McMinnville and Warren County.”

Myers is currently working freelance in the film industry as a casting director and producer, while Jones stated, “I began playing the banjo at age 9 and traveled the country playing shows, including the Grand Ole Opry. I would like to be on the advisory board to bring my opinion as to which acts to book that would sell and make the most money for the Park Theater.”

Youngblood said he’s retired from his “day job,” but he operated a production company for many years. 

Parks and Recreation Committee members will consider the proposed new members and proposed increase in Advisory Committee members on Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 6:10 p.m. The final decision will come from the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.