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Park showing 'A Mixed-Up Fairy Tale'
Logan Taylor is locally known for his full-scale theater productions.

Summer camp isn’t the same without songs.
Main Street McMinnville is presenting “A Mixed-Up Fairy Tale,” a show for all ages July 16 and July 23 at Park Theater. The event is a theatrical production from a summer camp that is free to local children.
Logan Taylor, who is locally known for his full-scale theater productions, has been asked by Main Street McMinnville co-executive directors Paige Chastain and Brook Holmes to direct the summer camp.
“This is actually a summer camp and we are doing a performance,” said Taylor. “It’s not a full-scale production like what I usually do. We have 25 kids this week and they have one week to prepare for their show on Saturday. Next week, there will be 25 more kids and they will have one week to prepare for their show next Saturday. The show is a mixture of the Grimm Fairy Tales and some modern music that we put into it.”
According to the play’s information, “The Grimm brothers are writing their stories late into the night when suddenly a terrible gust of wind flings open the door and blows the pages everywhere. Later that night, the stories begin to intermingle. Cinderalla’s desperately trying to get to the royal ball, but somehow she ends up at Rapunzel’s tower. As her Fairy Goodmother mistakenly sends her on to the Seven Dwarves’ cottage and Snow White’s castle, Cinderella meets loads of new friends – dwarves, bears, pigs, and witches – all of which are just as lost and out of place as she is.”
Taylor admits he is stepping outside the box because one of his full-scale performances takes four months to prepare while the summer camps are only one week each.
“Personally, we are working on ‘Annie’ which is my fall show,” said Taylor. “We are doing rehearsals and the scenery for that, while I’m doing this during the day for the next two weeks. This is definitely outside of my comfort zone. I’m working on three major projects at once, but this is exciting. It’s exciting to work with kids that I’ve never gotten to work with before. I do think people have gotten confused. This is a performance and it will showcase these students but it is not one of my full-scale productions. My productions take four months to put together.”
The summer camp is through Main Street McMinnville.
“This is a wonderful thing that Main Street McMinnville is doing,” said Taylor. “It’s free for the children. I’m supervising. I get to allow them to create the ideas and some of the musical steps. They are in charge of putting together the show. It’s really a cool thing. I’ve never done anything like this, but I’m excited about it.”
Funding for the Main Street McMinnville production comes, in part, from The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and the Steve and Kate Smith Community Trust.
“A Mixed-Up Fairy Tale” has two showings: Saturday, July 16 at 6 p.m. and Saturday, July 23 at 6 p.m. Tickets are $10 and available at the Park Theater or by calling 506-5335.