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Park Advisory Board expanded
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Zach Sutton

Park Theater’s Advisory Board has been increased and set.

Currently on the nine-member board are Joe Harvey, Bryan Kell, Christy Ross, Ken Youngblood, Jonathan Jones, Vicky Myers and Emily Stefanick. Standing members are Park Theater’s manager and a city Parks and Recreation Committee member.

McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the appointment of Ross, Youngblood, Jones, Myers and Stefanick on Tuesday night.

“I think these candidates have been well vetted by the Park Theater Advisory Board,” said Alderman Zack Sutton. “I would recommend their approval.” 

That decision increased the number of members from seven to nine, a request from Park Theater manager Kevin Roberts.

“We have three members of the board leaving because it’s the end of their three-year terms,” said Roberts. “We’d like to add five, which would bring us up to nine. We’d like to add one member to represent the Tourism Development Board and an additional citizen. We want more input and diversity on the board.”

Ross represents the  Tourism Development Board.