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Overall hit with charges
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A man who threatened a couple with a knife while standing at their front door, then two weeks later led lawmen on a high-speed chase, has been hit with numerous charges.
The suspect, Jefry V. Overall, 46, waived his right to preliminary hearing and has been bound to the grand jury on charges of aggravated burglary, aggravated assault, multiple offense DUI, and felony reckless endangerment.
Overall’s trouble with the law began when he showed up on the front porch of a Donna Lane residence. Lawmen say he was loud and threatening.
“He began screaming and cursing at the front door and tried to enter the home,” said sheriff’s deputy Brystol Davis, noting the man at the house prevented him from coming in. “He had a large knife he was brandishing and said, ‘this isn’t the only thing I have for you’ and raised the knife as if to strike him.”
Lawmen say Overall was trying to get the woman inside the residence. However, his motive for the threatening visit was not revealed.
A short time after the incident, deputy Davis pulled over the suspect and found evidence on the suspect.
“Upon search, a set of brass knuckles with a folding knife was found in Mr. Overall’s back right pants pocket,” Davis said.
Overall’s going awry of the law was not finished as two weeks later, he drove by sheriff’s investigator Bo Ramsey, traveling 80 mph on Smithville Highway.
After getting Overall stopped, it became apparent he was under the influence.
“While standing at the rear of his Dodge truck, he began to fall asleep and would shake his head in an effort to stay awake,” Ramsey recalled, noting Overall had been convicted of three prior drunk driving offenses since 2010, all three happening in separate counties.