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One hurdle closer to housing for homeless
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The creation of Prosperity Point, a transitional housing opportunity for homeless individuals, has jumped its first hurdle. 

A joint meeting of the city Building and Grounds Committee and the city Streets and Sanitation Committee approved on Tuesday providing 6.5 acres to HOME, or Homeless of McMinnville Effort, an organization seeking to assist homeless in their effort to transition into permanent housing. 

In attendance were Aldermen Steve Harvey, Everett Brock and Sally Brock. 

“I’m completely in support of this,” said Harvey. “It’s going to start to solve the problem of homelessness we have in Warren County. It’s one step in the right direction. These guys (HOME organizers) really seem like they’ve got a good plan together and there’s lots of community support for what they are doing. It’s a solid plan, and I’m in support of it.”

As they have done in past agreements, McMinnville officials will include a provision that transfers the land back to the city if the organization ceases to exist or does not use the property as agreed upon. 

“I am hopefully optimistic about this,” said Everett. “I think it’s going to take a lot of work. We, as a city, are doing the right thing. We can’t lose on this deal. The worst that can happen is it will fall apart and we’ll get the land back. I don’t see that happening. There are a lot of dedicated people working on this and I think they can succeed.” 

Absent from the meeting were Aldermen Stacey Harvey and Rachel Kirby. 

The recommendation to allocate 6.5 acres to HOME will be presented to the full Board of Mayor and Aldermen for consideration.