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Old Faithful in action in Puerto Rico
Medic 8.jpg
Warren County EMS Department’s Medic 8 had a long, useful existence here. Called Old Faithful due to its dependability, the Ford was decommissioned with over 300,000 miles. It has been sold and is now being used to transport patients in Puerto Rico. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Warren County EMS Department’s Medic 8 is now transporting patients in Puerto Rico. 

Old Faithful, named due to its dependability, is still on the road, says EMS director Preston Denney.

“I don’t want to take up much of your time, but I would like to tell you this story,” said Denney, to members of the county Safety Committee on Monday. “We sold Old Faithful through govdeals and that ambulance went to Puerto Rico.” 

Commissioner Ron Lee asked, “It’s back in service?”

“Yes,” said Denney. 

Old Faithful is a 2003 Ford ambulance purchased brand new by the department. It had over 300,000 miles and was still being used when it was decommissioned after a state inspection. The ambulance was named after the geyser in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. 

“It was always dependable,” said Denney, of the Ford. “It had two motors, two transmissions and three rear-end replacements, and continued to run, even after 300,000 miles.”

Denney said the ambulance was purchased by a man out of Kissimmee, Florida.

“His cousin works for the president, which is actually considered the governor, in Puerto Rico, and he is over all the EMS services for the country. The guy in Florida buys ambulances here, works on them a little bit to get them ready for the road and then takes them down to Miami, puts them on a boat and ships them to Puerto Rico. So, that’s where that truck went.”

Commissioner Randy England added, “They don’t have a state inspector like we do.”

“It’s nice to hear that Medic 8 has been given a second chance,” said Lee.

The update was for information only.