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Officials searching for stolen road sign
A $500 reward is being offered for the conviction of the person who stole a solar-powered road sign like this one.

Warren County Highway Department is offering a $500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for taking a road sign placed for the safety of the Amish community.
“Residents in the area of Bertha Owens Road and Ivy Bluff Trail intersection asked me to do something to try and slow motorists down,” said Road Superintendent Levie Glenn. “They were concerned for their Amish neighbors. I placed a solar-powered flashing light with a sign of a horse and buggy on it at that intersection.”
The area is locally called “chicken hill” and some motorists are proving they aren’t afraid to go fast, which could be potentially dangerous to slower-moving horse and buggies sharing the roadway.
“Some people get a thrill out of driving through there fast,” said Glenn. “Residents were concerned about someone topping that hill and hitting a buggy in the roadway. With the number of Amish people moving into the area, someday it could happen.”
The sign, with its solar-powered flashing light on top, was placed July 7 and stolen July 13.
Glenn presented the information to members of the county Highway and Bridge Committee. In attendance were Gary Prater, chair, Randy England, Gary Martin, David Rhea and Blaine Wilcher.
“Stealing a little road sign is one thing,” said Glenn. “This sign had a solar light on it. They stole post and all. It cost $1,400. I filed a police report. What bothers me the most is residents were telling me the sign was working and people were slowing down.”
Committee members unanimously approved the purchase of a second sign/solar light to be placed in that area, as well as a $500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for taking the first sign.
Along with a reward, Glenn is offering a get-out-of-jail-free card for the culprit if the sign is voluntarily returned.
“If it’s brought to the Highway Department, we won’t ask any questions and no charges will be brought,” said Glenn. “I really just want the sign back. Hopefully, someone will return it and we won’t have another situation like this.”
For more information or to offer information about the sign, contact Warren County Sheriff’s Department at 473-7863 or the county Highway Department at 473-2007.