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Officers happy to find no violators during Friday sobriety checkpoint
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Promising news emerged from a two-hour sobriety checkpoint Friday morning on South Chancery Street.

There were 548 vehicles which passed through the checkpoint, according to Highway Patrol Sgt. Kevin Ballew, and no one was arrested for driving under the influence.

“It’s a good thing when we hold one of these checkpoints and no one is impaired,” said Sgt. Ballew. “People ask why we would hold a sobriety checkpoint in the morning and it’s because people drink in the mornings. Some people are still drunk from the night before. And a big problem we’re finding is impaired driving due to medication. Just because it’s prescribed to you doesn’t mean it’s OK to get behind the wheel if it impairs your ability to drive. Prescription medication causes impairment and that’s a big problem we’re facing.”

The checkpoint was held from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. noon on South Chancery Street near its intersection with Chris Lane, which is the entrance to the Brook Hollow subdivision.

During the two-hour period, there were five citations issued for seatbelt violations, four citations for registration violations, and two for improper use of a child seat. There were also nine verbal warnings issued, Sgt. Ballew said.

The underlying goal of sobriety checkpoints is to encourage safety on the roadways and prevent motor vehicle fatalities. There has been one motor vehicle fatality in Warren County so far in 2021, Ballew noted, and that was earlier this month when a 26-year-old died in a motorcycle crash in the Smartt Station area.

“That’s the only fatality we’ve had and the goal is to not have any more,” said Ballew. “Impaired driving is certainly a big reason for wrecks, but distracted driving is the cause of a lot of crashes too. We’re hitting the summer months which is the prime time for motor vehicle fatalities. I hope people are safe and we don’t have any more.”