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Officer foils attempt at false drug urine test
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A man has been placed on house arrest for a month after he tried to fool his probation officer by using someone else’s urine to pass a drug test.
The probationer, Ross Hammell, 26, entered guilty pleas before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to charges of violation of probation and falsification of a drug test. He was directed to serve 30 days on house arrest during which time he will have to wear an ankle monitor so his location can be tracked by GPS. The falsification conviction also added another year to his probation.
His house arrest comes after he was asked to take a drug test. The probation officer accompanied him to the bathroom to oversee Hammell’s urine sample.
“I asked him to move in front of the mirror,” the probation officer said, noting Hammell began moving around. “I stood to the left and reached high up on his chest.”
The officer said he suspected something was amiss due to Hammell’s nervous behavior.
“He began filling the cup but not from his body,” the probation officer said, noting he then confronted Hammell and made him turn over a device he had smuggled under his clothes to carry someone else’s urine.
During subsequent questioning, Hammell admitted he would fail the test for marijuana.