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City Hall repair to cost $50K
City Hall smashed.jpg
City Hall was damaged in December 2018 when it was struck by a F150. Repairs are scheduled to begin in January.

McMinnville City Hall restoration work is slated to begin in January.

The work will repair damage that has lingered for 10 months since a motorist smashed the front corner of the building.

“TML/ Public Entity Partners is coordinating with Waymon Hale on the work required to repair the damage to the corner of City Hall,” said city administrator Nolan Ming. “He had assumed that he wasn’t going to get the job after early discussions with Public Entity Partners. This has gone back and forth between contractors and we had a difficult time finding anyone to bid on the work, but they finally settled on Mr. Hale.”

That information was distributed to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Wednesday via email from Ming. The good news has a downside. 

“By the time I gave him the notice to proceed he had scheduled his work through the beginning of January, so he has us on his list to start the work around that time. He apologized and said that if anything happens on any of the other projects he will do his best to work us in before then.” 

The building was damaged in December 2018 when a motorists struck it with a 1999 F150. The impact cracked the marble and damage to the concrete block underneath can be seen from inside the building. Since that time, how best to repair the damage has been an ongoing discussion due to the age of the building.

Cost to repair the damage is $50,000.