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Nurse Honor Guard to pay tribute to those lost
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The Warren County Nurse Honor Guard of McMinnville will be honoring LPNs and RNs who have passed away in an upcoming ceremony at Gardens of Memory Funeral Home. 

The ceremony will be on Nov. 15 at 6:30 p.m. and the Warren County Nurse Honor Guard of McMinnville encourages everyone to join them in honoring those who have passed away. 

“It will be our pleasure to honor any LPN or RN that you have lost,” said Shauna Samuel.

If there is a loved one you would like memorialized, you can submit their name to Lesia Donalson at 931-212-5227, Janice Sherrill at 931-314-7469 or Shauna Samuel at 931-808-4281. 

“We will be performing the traditional Nurse Honor Guard ceremony,” said Janice Sherrill. “This ceremony will be in remembrance of nurses who have served in different fields of nursing and their nursing contributions to the community. Any family member can contact the Nurse Honor Guard to add a name of a nurse they would like to be remembered.” 

Gardens of Memory Funeral Home is located at 415 N Chancery St.