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No money for new driveway
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County officials say they would like to improve driveway conditions at Animal Control to prevent mishaps like the one pictured, but they are scurrying to find the funding.

Discussion on installing a circle drive at Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center has hit a financial brick wall.
According to Commissioner Carl E. Bouldin, chair of the Building and Grounds Committee, the county’s building maintenance fund cannot afford $3,000.
“I want to get it done,” said Bouldin. “It needs to be done. The only problem I have … money is not plentiful. I know we can do it. We can definitely get it done some way, I think. The money is definitely not in the Building and Grounds budget. We don’t have it. We’re running low already and it’s just four months. We’ve spent a bunch of money.”
Bouldin suggested Animal Control director Kim Pettrey review the department’s existing budget and seek donations in an attempt to raise at least half the funds and he’ll find the other half within the county budget.
“I’ll get down on my knees and beg if I have to,” said Bouldin.
The measure comes under consideration after Health and Welfare Committee members approved hiring Simerly Excavation to cut through the hill and connect the lower driveway to the upper one. However, Building and Grounds Committee approval was needed.
A financial review of Pettrey’s budget was conducted Monday. The department has $65,749 remaining in its $106,851 budget. The department has already exceeded its $5,500 food budget for the year by $173. However, it has $3,250 in four line items that have not been used. There is also $2,614 remaining in its maintenance and repair budget.
Commissioner Blaine Wilcher says he reviewing the entire budget in an attempt to correct the shortage in funds for food and find $1,500 as directed by Bouldin.
“We’re working to see what we can come up with within our budget,” he said. “We might need community assistance. If you want to make a donation, make your donation specifically for the circle drive. If you don’t it gets thrown into the budget and we have to fight to get it. We are going to work to make this happen. The community has shown its support for Animal Control in the past and I believe it will again.”
The circle drive will alleviate a longstanding parking situation.
“Our parking situation really stinks down there,” said Pettrey. “We actually had one person back off the hill. What we want to make is a thru drive. We want to connect the two driveways. This is very much needed.”
Another meeting to discuss the issue is scheduled for Dec. 12 at 5 p.m.