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No charges for school bus driver
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No citations were issued Thursday afternoon when a Warren County school bus driver was pulled over in neighboring Coffee County while returning from a field trip with a busload of students.
The driver was replaced by a substitute strictly as a precautionary measure, according to officials.
“We did it out of protocol and for comfort,” said Kate Walden, a spokeswoman for Durham School Services, the organization which handles the school system’s buses. “The driver was not cited and was found competent to be driving. In addition, our on-board technology allows us to check the driver and it found that everything was OK. Her driving was fine.”
The bus was returning from a field trip in Murfreesboro when a parent who was following the bus called law enforcement to complain about the bus driver’s performance. The bus, carrying around 30 students and teachers from Morrison School, was pulled over by a Coffee County deputy on Manchester Highway around 1:15 p.m.
“The driver passed all the field sobriety tests and there were no issues,” said Coffee County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Lucky Knott.
Director of Schools Bobby Cox said a letter was sent to parents informing them of what happened.
“We changed drivers just out of precaution to make sure everybody was safe and there were no medical issues or no drug issues,” said Cox. “It’s not going to hurt for us to be safe.”
In addition to the field sobriety test administered by law enforcement on the scene, Cox said the driver was given a drug and alcohol test by Durham School Services and those results will be available Monday.