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No bypass planned around Woodbury, according to TDOT
Lisa Hobbs photo--The four-lane to Woodbury has been open to motorists since November 2014. TDOT has preliminary plans to examine further upgrades to that road in Woodbury in 2020.

Local motorists have been enjoying the convenience of the four-lane to Woodbury for nearly three years.
In an effort to make travel even more trouble free, some local residents have been asking about the possibility of a new road around Woodbury to bypass the traffic lights and slow speed limits of that town.
It’s a plan the Tennessee Department of Transportation has considered, according to spokeswoman Jennifer Flynn.
“In the past, there had been talk of a possible bypass around Woodbury, but that project never came to fruition,” said Flynn.
She said upgrades to Highway 70S/ West Main Street in Woodbury are in TDOT’s long-range plans and preliminary engineering for that project is expected to be funded in fiscal year 2020. This would be for a 1.6-mile stretch of road.
Based on the information that’s currently available, Flynn said the project description appears to address the existing road in Woodbury and would not be for a bypass around town. She said more specific details are not yet available since preliminary engineering is not even scheduled to be funded for three more years.
“It is still too early in the planning process for us to really say what options will be considered after the preliminary engineering phase,” said Flynn.
The four-lane from Newtown to near Woodbury was finished and opened to motorists in November 2014.