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Ninety three third graders' test scores 'below proficient'
Students face potential retention
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Third Grade Proficiency of Neighboring Counties

White County 43.12%

DeKalb County 42.26%

Coffee County 39.48%

Warren County 33.8%

Out of 497 third grade students in Warren County, 93 did not score proficiently on the TCAP test. 

Raw TCAP test scores were received by the Warren County School Board and discussed during the May school board meeting. Raw test scores, as defined by Dr. Grant Swallows, are how many questions students answered correctly. 

“One of the things that the state said they would do is send us those raw test scores and then, for third grade ELA, because it is effected so quickly, they would send us the cut scores. All the data we got on Friday was from every test that we took from TCAP and EOC, but the only cut scores we received were from third grade ELA,” stated Swallows. 

According to the Tennessee Department of Education, in Warren County 31.59 percent scored below proficient, 34.61 percent scored approaching proficient, 25.55 met proficient and 8.25 scored exceeds proficient. Warren County had a total proficiency of 33.8 percent. 

Swallows said that a great deal of time has been spent discussing the third grade law, and stated that third grade ELA proficiency has gone up since last year. “We did, from the year before, go up from 28 percent proficient in third grade to 33.8 percent proficient in 2023. This is certainly not the number that we want, but it is progress in helping our third graders get where they need to be.” 

Swallows noted that proficient means that students are either meeting or exceeding expectations in the grade scale. “If you are considered non-proficient you are either below or approaching,” he said. Students who scored in the approaching category do have options for appeals. “Our schools have been working through that considerably, over the course of the last few days, to try and get parents to appeal or give them the opportunity to appeal, and so we have a number of those that are happening.”

Swallows said that as of now 93 students in the district, out of 497, have no option for appeals. “We do have 93 students who will have to make the commitment to go to our acceleration academy or summer school and then potentially take a re-take exam.” Re-take exams started on May 23 and schools have been calling and inviting those students to take the re-take exam and helping them weigh their options.