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Nine seniors graduate from Covenant Academy
Sen. Bowling speaks at Friday night ceremony
Covenant Grads (Hats Off).jpg
The graduating Covenant Academy seniors throw their hats in celebration Friday night. Pictured, from left, are Jasmine Holland, Savanna Duggin, Noah Mason, Leslie Vinson, Keeper Hendrix, Anabel Lassiter, Caleb Lewis, Smit Patel, and Lois Brown. - photo by Bethany Porter

Covenant Academy graduated nine seniors Friday night in a memorable ceremony. 

The ceremony began with a senior address by state Sen. Janice Bowling where she congratulated and encouraged the seniors and spoke about how their lives are just beginning. A senior video was played with memories of the seniors throughout their years at Covenant. 

Salutatorian Smit Patel spoke about his experiences at the school and thanked his teachers and coach for helping him get to this point in his life. He also mentioned how close he and his classmates grew during the past few years.

“We did it. We finally made it to our graduation. And now it is a bittersweet moment since the end is here,” said Patel. “We have to say goodbye to our friends that we have been with for most of our school years. Even though we haven’t all been together since kindergarten, getting to be in the same class for so many years has brought our class very close together.”

Noah Mason, Alex Brown and Jasmine presented the senior class will where they each left something behind to a younger student. The entire senior class passed down their quietness to the eighth grade class. 

Valedictorian Savanna Duggin thanked many of her teachers, coaches, classmates and church family for all the help along the way. She also thanked God for bringing her through the hard times that led her to this moment.

“It’s crazy to think we actually made it to graduation. I’m not going to lie to y’all, it wasn’t easy, but it was definitely worth it,” said Duggin. “I’m so happy that I had the ability to come to this school freshman year. I’ve made great memories and friends over the years. None of this would’ve been possible without all of your support and prayers, but most importantly it would not have been possible without God’s help.”

She went on to say she cherished her time at Covenant and that she wished she was able to thank everyone who impacted her life. Duggin ended her speech with a quote from Hannah Montana. 

She read, “I always knew this day would come. We’d be standing one by one. With our futures in our hands. So many dreams, so many plans. I always knew after all these years, there’d be laughter, and there’d be tears. But never thought I’d walk away with so much joy, but so much pain. And it is hard to say goodbye, but yesterday’s gone. We gotta keep moving on. I’m so thankful for the moments. So glad I got to know you. The times that we had, I’ll keep like a photograph and hold you in my heart forever and I’ll always remember you.”