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Nine city streets set to be paved
City street paving BEST.jpg
Warren Street has been designated as the worst street in the city. While that distinction might not be a welcome one for its residents, it comes with paving. When street paving beings, it will be one of the first paved in 2021. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

It’s street paving time in the city of McMinnville. 

Nine streets, including Warren Street, have made the list.

“I would like to piggyback on the county’s bid with Tinsley Asphalt,” said McMinnville Public Works Department director Frank Southard, to members of the city Streets and Sanitation Committee. “They were going to start this week.”

The department has about $700,000 within its Street Aid Budget. Proposed is using between $250,000 and $500,000 during this round of paving.

“That would be Warren Street,” said Southard, when asked the worst street in McMinnville.

Since 2014, Public Works has used a pavement conditioning index program. Streets are surveyed and rated on quality. While the honor of being named the worst street in the city may not be a delight for its residents, the good news is that street is atop the paving list.

Southard says $250,000 will pave Anderson, Allen, Gribble, Worley, Gentry, Ridgecrest, Warren, Center and the end of Yankee Street. “We are not paving all of Yankee because there are some water cuts that need to be made.” 

Public Works uses the PCI program, as well as coordinates with city’s Water and Sewer Department, to pave only after underground work is complete. 

Streets and Sanitation Committee members, followed by the full Board of Mayor and Aldermen, unanimously approved the request to go with Tinsley Asphalt, a bid obtained from Warren County Highway Department. 

When available, a second list of streets to be paved will be made public.