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New Dollar General gets beer permit

The newest Dollar General has been approved to sell beer.

McMinnville’s 13th Dollar General is located at 4763 Smithville Highway and the store will be able to sell beer when it opens. Dollar General district manager Mary Treadway represented the new store at a county Beer Board meeting Monday night.

Ron Lee spoke with Treadway about the training process Dollar General employees go through in order to sell beer.

“We were told they have a very intense training for their people,” said Lee. “The District Attorney’s Office said we haven’t had any problems with any Dollar Generals.”

Treadway also reassured the board about the competence of Dollar General employees. 

“All of our employees have to pass a background check,” said Treadway.

Lee stated the distance away from churches also checks out because the nearest church is 2,433 feet away. The business met all the requirements and the board approved the off-premises beer permit.