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Near overdose leads to charges for Hayes
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A man faces narcotics charges after lawmen found a cache of drugs in his home after he nearly overdosed on cocaine.
The suspect, Kenneth Hayes, 22, of Morrison is charged with possession of cocaine in excess of .5 grams.
His charge comes after he called for help after allegedly taking cocaine.
“He said he had taken cocaine and felt he was overdosing,” said sheriff’s deputy Evan Cooper who responded along with the ambulance service to his location.
The deputy asked if there was any more cocaine hidden around the house, at which time Hayes reportedly confessed to having an additional quantity stashed.
“He advised it was in his room in the bottom of a TV stand,” Cooper recalled, noting he got permission to search that area. “I found a white powder that field tested positive as 2.6 grams of cocaine.”
Hayes was taken to Saint Thomas River Park Hospital for treatment and then booked at Warren County Jail. He will face hearing Oct. 25.