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National Guardsmen helping with testing
National Gurardsmen at health department1.jpg
National Guardsmen have been deployed across the United States to assist communities in the COVID-19 pandemic. A crew is assisting Warren County Health Department with a drive-thru coronavirus testing site offered in its parking lot. Pictured are Specialists Azad Botany, left, and Taylor Vickers. - photo by Lisa Hobbs
National Guardsmen at health department2.jpg
Warren County Health Department has a few helping hands this month. The National Guard has sent five guardsmen to assist with a drive-thru coronavirus testing site. Pictured, from left are RN April Fincher, Specialist Michael Guillory, Sgt. Matthew Coffman and RN Pat Williams. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

The National Guard has deployed more than 17,250 troops to assist communities in a COVID-19 crisis response and five are stationed locally. 

Warren County Health Department is offering drive-thru coronavirus assessment and testing Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Helping to man the area are National Guardsmen trained in administering the tests.

Individuals likely to be tested are those exhibiting signs of the disease, been in close contact with someone who has been COVID-19 confirmed, or if they’ve traveled to an international location with ongoing community transmission of COVID-19.

As of Friday at 2 p.m., there have been 3,067 confirmed coronavirus cases in the state with 37 deaths, according to the Tennessee Department of Health. In Warren County, 112 coronavirus tests have been administered with one positive result.

County Executive Jimmy Haley expressed appreciation for the National Guard aid. 

“We were one of 33 counties in Tennessee that received a crew,” said Haley, who says the number of counties receiving assistance is likely to increase. “I am very proud of what our guardsmen are doing, and I’m sure the Health Department appreciates their assistance during these trying times.”

The National Guard has also assigned troops to assist living facilities and nursing homes to thoroughly clean them and train staff on more aggressive infectious disease control measures. 

In times of crisis, the National Guard is deployed and the coronavirus pandemic is not the exception said Air Force Gen. Joseph Lengyel, Chief, National Guard Bureau, in making the announcement. 

“We remain flexible and committed for whatever mission we may be called to do,” Lengyel said. “This response isn’t just about delivering food or supporting COVID test centers. It’s about protecting our children, parents and grandparents. Our nation is looking to the National Guard to help and we can’t let them down.”

Warren County residents who have concerns they may have symptoms of COVID-19 can contact the Health Department for consultation, and for pre-screening and pre-registration procedures for potential assessment. 

Warren County residents can call 473-8468 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday for pre-screening and pre-registration.

Warren County Health Department staff members will conduct pre-screenings and pre-registrations for individuals with symptoms by phone, then direct those identified for assessment to a site where they will undergo nasal swab collection for testing for COVID-19. Test results may be available within 72 hours, depending on the volume of tests that the testing lab receives.

Warren County Health Department staff members cannot perform pre-screenings and pre-registrations at assessment sites. Those who are ill should first contact their primary care providers. Most people, particularly those with mild or no symptoms, do not need assessment for COVID-19.