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MRC parking lot to be paved
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Milner Recreation Center’s front parking lot will be paved. 

McMinnville’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved a resolution to spend $172,770 and hire Tinsley Asphalt to resurface and strip the tiered parking at the facility formerly known as McMinnville Civic Center. 

The city had budgeted $170,000 for the work.

While the bid came in at $172,770, it did include an allowance of $10,000 for work that might not have to be done. If that’s the case, the paving will cost $162,770. 

“We added a $10,000 allowance for cut and fill for unsuitable soil and conditions, which is refundable. We strongly believe we will come in under $170,000,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord.

That bid amount does not include removing the curbs. City employees will perform that work as a cost-saving measure. 

Paving of the front parking lot was included with the $10 million renovation and expansion project as an alternate option, but city officials decided not to accept the $160,000 price tag in hopes of attracting a lower bidder later.

“If that $10,000 allowance is not used, it could come in close to that original $160,000 cost,” said city administrator Nolan Ming. 

Completion of the center is expected by Oct. 15. At this time, much of the area to be paved is being used as a staging area by Sain Construction Company.