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Mother gets jail time for dragging son out of bed
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A mother has been given three weeks in jail for dragging her slumbering teen-age son out of bed after he refused to get up.

The mother, Felicia Basham, was ordered by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 22 days of a three-year sentence and must undergo anger management for domestic assault. She was granted a judicial diversion on the charge, meaning she can have her record erased once her probation is over. Her boyfriend, Micki Allen Thomas, who is also charged with the incident, has his case set for Jan. 10.

Their charges come after the boy’s father reported to law enforcement that his teen son had suffered injuries while staying with his mother and her boyfriend. The injuries, he maintained, came when his mother walked into his room and told him to get up.

“He was on the top bed of his bunkbed and she attempted to pull him by his foot and drag him off the bed,” the boy’s father maintained. “When she was unable to get him off the bed, Micki walked into the bedroom and drug him off the bed, causing him to hit the right side of his ribs and fall to the floor.”

The victim said he was choked by his mother’s boyfriend while he was on the floor. He also said that once he tried to get back into bed, his mother scratched him on his back and chest.