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Morrison resident raises a stink about convenience center
Morrison Resident Not OK with CC.jpg
Morrison resident LouAnne Laxson voiced her opposition for the plan to expand the current Morrison Convenience Center during public comment at the County Commission meeting Monday night. - photo by Bethany Porter

Morrison resident LouAnne Laxson is against the proposed plan to keep the Morrison Convenience Center where it is. 

Last week Sanitation Department director Josh Roberts announced that taking 30 feet of the road would allow enough room to fix the problems and the Morrison Convenience Center could potentially stay where it is. Roberts said the road would have to be a one way street, but Morrison Mayor Sue Anderson was in favor of it. 

Laxson voiced her opposition to this plan during the public comment portion of the County Commission meeting Monday night. 

“I am here this evening to express my opposition to the plan they have for the Morrison Convenience Center that I know of right now. The main reason I oppose this is because the plan puts this within just a few yards of our front door,” said Laxson. 

She says the expansion of the site would put the center too close to her home and encouraged the commissioners to come see for themselves.

“When I spoke to the Nashville and Cookeville TDEC office I was told the Warren County Executive office will decide how close a convenience center can be put within someone’s home. For this reason I am asking that everyone who has a vote on this come to Morrison and look at what the Mayor of Morrison is wanting to do,” said Laxson. 

Laxson also mentioned that there were other locations suitable for the convenience center.

“There are different locations in Morrison if it has to go somewhere. There are locations on School Street, locations on Ball Park Road, and as far as that goes the city limits of Morrison goes all the way up Highway 55 to the market and there is all kinds of land there for a convenience center,” she said. 

One of the problems with the current site is leakage. She says leakage will still be a problem even if they do all the improvements planned.

“All the liquid they save from running out, as soon as they lift it up, guess what is going to happen. It is going to run right out the back,” said Laxson. “You are using Warren County taxpayers’ dollars to put a convenience center in the dead center of Morrison and I know that is up to the Morrison Mayor and her alderman, but there are other locations a whole lot better suited.”

County Executive Terry Bell says Morrison will be holding a public hearing on September 29 to decide if they want to make Railroad Street a one way road so the site can expand.