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Morgue, Rescue Squad among budget needs
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Budget discussions are continuing in Warren County government.
The county Safety Committee has reviewed a donation request from Warren County Rescue Squad and the proposed budget of Warren County Temporary Morgue for fiscal year 2016-17.
“The Warren County Rescue Squad is made up of 100 percent volunteers and has no source of income,” said Rescue Squad Chief Chad Hillis. “We rely on county and city funding for operation expenses. The squad does hold country ham breakfasts during the late winter months to raise money.”
In attendance were Teddy Boyd, chair, Carl D. Bouldin, Randy England, Ron Lee and Charles Morgan.
In the 2015-16 budget, the county gave the Rescue Squad $33,973 that included a one-time donation of approximately $9,625 to purchase 25 pagers. This year, the Rescue Squad is asking for $30,300 to cover operational expenses associated with training, insurance, equipment purchase, utilities, equipment maintenance, building maintenance, dues and associated insurance.
Last year was the first year for the Warren County Temporary Morgue. To start the department, the county placed $13,500 in the budget to be used for communication, office supplies and utilities. This year’s request is unchanged.
The request did not include a breakdown of what was used in last year’s budget.
“Did they spend the $13,500 we gave last year?” asked England. “Did they use the $13,500 exactly or have they got a balance of $3,000 to $4,000 left?”
When Bouldin asked who presented the morgue budget, Boyd said, “It was lying here on the desk and that’s all I know. The note says, ‘The Safety Committee needs to consider the budget for the mortuary.’ If you want to put this off until we can find out if there’s any money left, we can do that.”
If approved, the next step for the budget would be the county Budget and Finance Committee. Morgan says that committee will know.
“Budget and Finance will know if there’s any money left in there or not,” Morgan said. “Give it to them and let them take a look at it.”
Bouldin stated, “I would say they didn’t use it all because they aren’t asking for more.”
Both budgets were unanimously approved and sent to the county Budget and Finance Committee for consideration.