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Moose Lodge welcomes chairman of board
Moose Lodge Visitor 2.jpg

McMinnville’s Moose Lodge had a special visitor Thursday evening when chairman of the board of directors for Moose International Paul Curtis and his wife Bonnie Curtis came to town.

Curtis is going around to different lodges around the country and thanking them for all they do. As of Thursday he and his wife had already visited 163 lodges. He also has an impressive background serving Moose International.

He was elected as chair in July 2021 during the 133rd International Moose Convention after previously serving as vice chairman of the board, Supreme Jr. Governor, Supreme Prelate, and on the Supreme Council.

Curtis said he is very proud of Mooseheart and Moosehaven. 

Mooseheart is a residential childcare facility that is a home for children and teens in need from infancy through high school. It is a place for children whose families are unable to care for them and through generosity and volunteerism they are able to furnish the resources they need. 

Moosehaven is a private membership retirement community that provides seniors 65 and older a comfortable and secure retirement option.  

Members of McMinnville Moose Lodge 1725 were appreciative of Curtis’ visit and his support of their lodge. The Moose is all about celebrating life together, serving those within their local communities, supporting children in need who deserve a second chance, and standing by their senior members. Curtis says he believes the cornerstones of Moose International are community, kids, and seniors.

The local Moose Lodge is located at 2851 Smithville Highway. It can be reached at 668-9995.