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Moore to serve six months for possession of drugs
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A local man with a long list of criminal charges will serve six months in jail for possessing over 10 marijuana plants, approximately 3.1 grams of meth, and maintaining a dwelling for drug use.

Travis Lee Moore, 28, appeared in Circuit Court to accept a plea deal for 17 charges. All crimes took place within a 15-month span.

The first of Moore’s criminal charges occurred in July 2018 when he was found to be driving on a suspended license and failing to maintain proof of financial responsibility.

In August 2018, deputy Chris McCormick observed a silver Chevy Silverado parked on Carrier Drive. As McCormick entered the location, the truck began coming slowly toward the deputy. McCormick witnessed the passenger throw something out of the window resulting in him pulling over the vehicle. 

McCormick spoke to Moore, who was the driver of the truck, and Moore admitted to not having a driver’s license. Upon checking the National Crime Information Center database, or NCIC, McCormick discovered Moore’s license had been suspended since October 2016 due to failing to provide proof of financial responsibility. 

While speaking with Moore, McCormick observed a rolled up dollar bill on the truck’s console. McCormick asked Moore if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, which Moore denied. McCormick then asked to search the truck, and was once again told no. 

McCormick placed Moore under arrest for driving on a suspended license, and began searching the vehicle. He found a loose leafy green substance located by the dollar bill on the console. Due to the discovery of the rolled up bill considered paraphernalia and the suspected marijuana, McCormick continued his search. 

A black bag was located containing a glass jar with approximately half an ounce of green leafy buds believed to be marijuana. A scale and roach clip were also found. Moore admitted the marijuana belonged to him.

During the search of the passenger side of the vehicle, McCormick discovered a gray flashlight wedged between the passenger seat and console. Two bags of a white crystal-like substance, equaling approximately 3.1 grams, and a marijuana joint were found inside the flashlight. Moore and the passenger of the vehicle denied ownership of the flashlight and its contents. Both individuals were charged with possession.

On March 21, 2019, Lt. Trevor Young responded to Poss Lane with the Department of Children Services for a welfare check of a child. Young, Deputy Calvin Hammond and DCS worker Tiffany Smith made contact with Moore, and he gave consent for all to enter the residence. 

While speaking with Moore about a domestic situation and illegal drug activity, Moore gave consent to search his property and took Young, Hammond and Smith to an area behind the residence. Marijuana and scales were discovered, and a search warrant was issued. Several marijuana plants were located in an indoor grow operation.

In October, Moore was charged with domestic assault and vandalism following an argument with a woman. Moore allegedly grabbed the victim and began squeezing and twisting her arm to cause pain. He placed his hand against the woman’s neck to prevent her from getting up. When the victim attempted to leave, Moore damaged her vehicle by pulling off the door handles. 

Sentences for all the charges will run concurrently, or at the same time, with Moore serving six months at Warren County Jail.